6pm UK Time - 16th March 2015

Hey Go Ham Gaming viewers and streamers!  We are planning a non stream event (though some streamers may choose to stream) of H1Z1-  The aim is to get viewers of participating streamer's channels and streamers in some fun team building action, and what could be more fun than random unadultarated murder?

Time Zone Converter  will help you put this time into your time zone.  We will set up a raid call in due course!


I would ask all who participate make their character names distict with GHG at the start - for example (GHGtwitchname) that way we know who we can trust... or indeed... not trust :)



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1000 Follower giveaway Today at 7.00pm until late

Hi there My Goham Brothers I am doing a giveaway today to celebrate hitting a 1000 follower on my Stream. The event will start at 7.00pm until late and will be a cosplay stream.

Hope to see you all there.


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!!! 1000 Follower Event with give Away 28/02/2015 !!!

This Event is a cosplay Event

The way 1000 Follower Event works is there a number of costumes the you can donate for me. The one with the highest donations is the one that i WILL waer.

Happy Times 1000 Followers Event will be a Shots for Donations Stream. £20 for 2 shots but it works a little different anyone can donate and when it hits £20 i will do 2 shots.

1) Thril (must say for the horde)

2) A Dick Costume

3) Lich king

4) Blood Elf ( Most act Gay all night)

5) Mr Blobby

6) Topless Viking

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24 HOURS in the pit

On feb 20th 2015 there will be 24 funky ass hours to break in my new chair(if it arrives) 


3 15$ game stop gift cards will be givin away and paerhaps some other gifts as well

so come hang out if u guys can will be alot of fun....


stream starts 730pm us central time

hope to see u there salutes

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WKJEZZ: GHG Branded YT video

My GoHamGaming branded Youtube Video :) - A Gold Guide Video. Exactly the same method we learned from Nomanis, but an alternative method of material distribution.

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As some of you might know I have decided to not stream for... probably quite some time.
Those among you who know why, well know the reasons.

For those who don't, I'll just put it this way; I need to do some serious work on my living conditions and overall enjoyment of life and focussing on streaming is not going to change it sadly. I'll be around on Twitch and all that, but I won't do any streaming until I manage to properly well, figure out how to deal with it.

I'm being vague and I apologize, I just wanted to get this post out there.

Much love.

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